New Media, Spring 2020/Requirements/Wikipedia Contribution

From Gerald R. Lucas
CRN 25041 nmac 4460.01 tr 9:30–10:45 p-online coas-120 Spring 2020

In this Wikipedia writing requirement, students read, research, and write articles on one of the three books that we will study this semester (see Required Texts). You will use the same text for your “Teaching the Text” (P2) assignment.


The aim of this requirement is to write an original article or make major contributions to an existing article on Wikipedia—the most popular and arguably the most successful crowd-sourced project on the Internet. Your article will be on one of the three books we’re reading and teaching this semester; your assignments and links to these are below. These are:

Only one of these three should be listed on your assigned article on WikiEdu, corresponding to the chart below.

Instead of just a paper that satisfies a classroom requirement, you will be working on something real-world with a public significance: collaborating to create knowledge that can benefit everyone. Even though you are students, your participation has a very real significance in this course.

Students will signup for one of the required texts during the first week of course.

Wikipedia work will be detailed and supported by First, you must enroll using your Wikipedia login. Just follow the directions on your syllabus. Students will complete training, discussions, and other activities via their web site each week as integral components of this assignment. We will also use class for Wikipedia instruction, tutorials, and Q&A.

All project articles must appear in the Wikipedia mainspace by the end of class to count for credit.

While assignments dealing with the wiki will be on WikiEdu, I will attempt to link everything from this site on the schedule. See the lesson breakdown for more details and specifics as you work your way through training.


These groups are the same for P1 and P2.

Negroponte Jenkins Murray
T. Washington J. Perkins J. Barker
K. Philomon D. Rozelle K. Kelly
D. Danielly P. Jenkins J. Thompson
A. Tallent T. Akin J. Lowe
C. Burt G. Hall D. Flagg
- - D. Anderson
- - B. McLin
- - S. Thompson
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