New Media, Spring 2020/Requirements/Teaching the Text

From Gerald R. Lucas
CRN 25041 nmac 4460.01 tr 9:30–10:45 p-online coas-120 Spring 2020

In this team-teaching requirement, students will have two class sessions to teach the rest of the class about their assigned text from P1. Students have a lot of latitude about how they will teach, though organization, discussion/participation, thoroughness, and creativity will be emphasized.


Since you will be reading and researching one of the assigned texts (see Required Texts), you will quickly become an expert on that text if you take your job seriously. Therefore, this requirement has you working with your peers to develop a two-day curriculum for teaching the text to the rest of the class. Your job is to teach and lead a discussion while theirs is to come prepared, having read the text.

You may use any teaching approaches you would like: quizzes, in-class writing, discussion, lecture, group work, games—whatever. The idea is communicate and discuss the main ideas of the text in the two class sessions your text is scheduled to be covered (see Schedule).

I will schedule a meeting with each group the week before you have to teach. We’ll go over your curriculum and can even discuss points about the texts that I expect you to cover.


These groups are the same for P1 and P2.

Negroponte Jenkins Murray
T. Washington J. Perkins J. Barker
K. Philomon D. Rozelle K. Kelly
D. Danielly P. Jenkins J. Thompson
A. Tallent T. Akin J. Lowe
C. Burt G. Hall D. Flagg
- - D. Anderson
- - B. McLin
- - S. Thompson
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