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From Gerald R. Lucas

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October 14 – October 27: Finalize Topics and Begin Editing
In this big lesson, we will have chosen the topics for our articles and started writing.


This lesson: we’ll start to develop our WP articles for Women in Red in earnest. Our reading and exercises might be a bit of a review, but the major part of your time should be spent researching and thinking about how you can add to your articles.

Our collaborative articles will use the same citation structure we used for our articles for The Mailer Review in the first project. In the first part of this lesson, you all will add at least one solid critical source and use that source in the article.

You will also have the opportunity to help improve another article that you choose on Wikipedia.

Lesson Instructions and Explanation

Generally to avoid confusion, I have tried to make all lessons work the same way. Each lesson will have its weekly section presented in a chart. Work your way from left to right. Open links in tabs, so you don’t lose track of this page.


This is the date this sections’s work is due. Complete everything in the row before 11:59:59 pm on this date.


These are the readings for this section. Read them carefully, taking notes as you do. I recommend reading from a book or on paper, as you can highlight an annotate as you progress. This will help you in the next sections.


This section will usually be a reading quiz on what you just read, so be sure to take it while the reading is fresh in your mind. However, it may also include other assignments or activities that must be accomplished.


Most writing will be on the class forum. This section will contain instructions and guidance for completing your writing. Often, this will link to a series of discussion prompts for the text you’re reading. Choose one prompt, or thread, to answer, or create your own post (especially if there are none there you can or want to respond to) by clicking + New Topic. I’m looking for your engagement here, so aim for a single longish post and a shorter response to someone else’s post. Using secondary sources correctly for support will always earn you more points. Be sure you’re following the conventions outlined in Writing in the Liberal Arts and the guidelines in Academic Forum Posts.


The test will be the last activity. It will test your knowledge of the entire lesson’s materials. Take this only after you have accomplished everything else in the lesson. The idea here is that you show me what you learned about the all of the lesson’s material. Please write in complete sentences and give enough detail to answer the questions. Your answers should convince me that you have learned and thought about the materials.

Due Read Do Write Test
  • Add a source to our article’s bibliography
  • Add a citation using the entry you added to the bibliography[2]
Use the talk pages of our articles to communicate and ask questions. Be sure to use correct discussion conventions for talk pages. -
Respond Test


  1. Most of your writing should be completed directly on your draft article, but you may wish to use your sandbox for practice.
  2. Both of these should be done directly on the article you’re writing. This is just a way to insure that you make a significant edit this week.
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