ENGL 5106/Fall 2023

From Gerald R. Lucas

Welcome to Technical Writing in the Digital Age.

Welcome to ENGL 5106 (Fall 2023) a transformative journey where we will explore digital communication and equip you with the skills to excel in conveying complex technical concepts through various digital platforms. You embark on a path that promises to empower you as adept communicators in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In the coming weeks, we will consider the intricacies of digital media and its profound impact on how we share technical knowledge. From crafting interactive learning modules to designing multimedia-rich content, this course will take you beyond conventional communication methods, helping you harness potential of digital media to make your technical messages resonate.

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The Syllabus: Your Guiding Light

Before we dive into the course content, I encourage each of you to thoroughly read the syllabus—the group of pages you’re currently reading. More than just a boring document, it’s your roadmap for the course. Familiarize yourself with the topics we’ll cover (See Schedule), the assignments that will challenge and enrich your skills, and the expectations we hold for your growth throughout this journey. Use the tabs above to navigate to the various sections of the syllabus.[1] Every detail matters, so don’t hesitate to ask questions if something isn’t clear.[2]

Relevant Links
For a head start on how to approach all work in this course, see “How to Do Well in My Class” and “Writing Top Ten.”

Start Early, Embrace Challenges

As you navigate through the lessons, remember to begin work early. Beginning your work promptly not only relieves stress but also allows you the time and space to engage deeply with the material. You’ll encounter challenges that might stretch your comfort zone—embrace them. Growth happens when we step outside what we already know, and I have every confidence that you will rise to these challenges with determination and resilience.

Fully Online

Relevant Links
If you’re curious to know more, you might peruse the articles under HackEdu.

Since you are graduate students, I expect that you are all veteran users of new media, that you are comfortable with working by yourself, and that you have a basic Internet fluency. All of what we do in this course will involve using digital media, but also challenging our conventional uses and attitudes toward them. Please enter with an open mind. ENGL 5106 is also designed to let you discover and create your own knowledge using the powerful digital devices we all have access to. Please enter with an open mind.

Trust in Your Abilities

You are graduate students for a reason—you’ve demonstrated your capacity to learn, adapt, and excel. Trust in your abilities to absorb new knowledge and skills, to tackle complex problems, and to innovate. The journey ahead might seem daunting at times, but remember that you possess the aptitude to succeed and thrive.[3]

Embrace Risk and Innovation

In the realm of digital media, innovation and risk-taking go hand in hand. Don’t be afraid to explore new approaches, experiment with creative ideas, and push the boundaries of what you believe is possible. As you learn about multimedia integration, interactive elements, and user-centered design, remember that your unique perspective can lead to stellar results.

Strive for Excellence

Lastly, I urge you to approach every assignment and project with a commitment to excellence. Doing your best is not just about achieving top grades; it’s about personal growth and building a foundation of skills that will serve you well professionally. Each piece of work you submit is a reflection of your passion and determination—make it count.

Once again, welcome to ENGL 5106. I am excited to join you on this educational journey and witness your growth as proficient digital communicators. As we navigate the intricacies of digital media together, remember that the possibilities are limitless, and your potential knows no bounds.

Best wishes for a rewarding and enlightening experience.


  1. You might, too, follow links by opening them in browser tabs—click the link by holding the ⌘ Command on a Mac or Ctrl on a PC—so you can easily return to where you left off.
  2. While you may certainly choose to print it—we will do our best to follow the schedule hereon—it may change during the course of the semester due to unforeseen circumstances. Should this occur, I will let you know in class and via an announcement, but ultimately, this online document has the final say—not a printed one.
  3. For additional help, you might take a moment to familiarize yourself with the general resources available on this site—especially those for students. All of these may be found in the “For Students” menu at the top of the page, or you can just begin on the student start page. These pages are designed to help you succeed in this class. While you may not read everything, you should know what’s available if you need it.

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