ENGL 2111/Fall 2020/Schedule

From Gerald R. Lucas

This schedule represents the ideal outline for our study this semester. Yet, like all best-laid plans, we may not be able to keep up with our agenda. Please be flexible and try to look and read ahead whenever possible.

We will do our best to stick by this schedule, but I will inform you verbally, via an email, and/or a literal change to the schedule below whenever there is a deviation. Getting these updates is solely your responsibility. Therefore, this schedule is tentative and subject to change contingent upon the needs of the students and the professor, and dictated by time and other constraints which may affect the course. For face-to-face classes, this schedule reflects only an overview of the assigned reading and other major course assignments. It may not indicate specific class session assignments or activities. Specific in-class assignments may not be reflected on the schedule.

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Each text we will be studying in this class has its own unit or lesson (designated L1–L7). Each lesson is divided into weekly sections of work that contain readings, a reading quiz, and writing. Each lesson concludes with a test on the materials covered. Dates for each lesson are as follows.

Both sections of this course are labeled as hybrid online (H-OL ⚠️) this semester and all work will be completed online. While face-to-face attendance will not be mandatory, I will be in the assigned classroom for those who would like to attend a discussion of the material on Mondays (§03) and Tuesdays (§04) during the class’ scheduled time: 11–12:15pm.

Lesson Week(s) Dates Lesson Name Points ℹ︎[1]
L1 1 August 12 – August 18 Course Introduction and Orientation 30 ☑Y
L2 2–3 August 19 – September 1 The Epic of Gilgamesh 70 ☑Y
L3 4–6 September 2 – September 22 Homer from The Iliad 90 ☑Y
L4 7–8 September 23 – October 6 Homer from The Odyssey 70 ☑Y
L5 9–11 October 7 – October 27 Sophocles Oedipus Rex 90 ☑Y
L6 12–13 October 28 – November 10 Euripides Medea 60 ☑Y
L7 14–15 November 11 – November 24 Ovid from The Metamorphoses 70 ☑Y


  1. The final column is mainly for me and preparing the lessons: a ☑Y indicates that a lesson is complete and ready to go; a YesY indicates the lesson is partially complete; a ☒N indicates the lesson has yet to be written. All lessons should be complete by the time you need them to be.
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