ENGL 2111/Fall 2020/Policies

From Gerald R. Lucas

Students are held accountable for knowing and practicing each of the following course policies. Consider them like the law: the excuse “I didn’t know” will carry no weight. In addition, students are responsible for reading, understanding, and adhering to all Middle Georgia State University student policies, including those linked on the Syllabus Policy page.

Drop Date
October 12, 2020

Students may withdraw from the course and earn a grade of “W” up to and including the midterm date. After midterm, students who withdraw will receive a grade of “WF.” Students are encouraged to read the MGA withdrawal policy before dropping/withdrawing from class.

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Assignments and Deadlines

Your work represents you. Everything you turn in for evaluation should exemplify the very best of your professional self. Late work is unacceptable and will receive a zero. Technical problems do not excuse late work. Plan ahead and turn in your work on time. Last-minute work submissions are ineligible for revision for a higher grade.


MGA Policy
Please see these guidelines about health and wellness during the pandemic. Do not attend face-to-face classes if you are ill.

Essentially, attendance is regular participation in class activities—not the physical presence in the classroom. Because of COVID-19, attendance in class is not mandatory, but weekly participation is. Classroom attendance will be taken, and students will be encouraged to attend if excessive absences are negatively affecting their performance.

Both sections of this course are labeled as hybrid online (H-OL ⚠️) this semester and all work will be completed online. While face-to-face attendance will not be mandatory, I will be in the assigned classroom for those who would like to attend a discussion of the material on Mondays (§03) and Tuesdays (§04) during the class’ scheduled time: 11–12:15pm.


Students should conduct themselves like students: take notes, pay attention, ask questions, eliminate distractions, and listen. Improper conduct, including academic falsehood, will negatively effect your grade and may result in other disciplinary measures.


Communication is integral to success, no matter what we’re talking about. In a digital world, these literacies are particularly important. Not only should you develop and perfect your communication skills while in college, you need to use those skills everyday with your peers and professors.


Evaluation depends on overall student performance: on the successful completion of all requirements, regular participation, and positive attitude. Some requirements are weighed heavier in evaluation, but all are essential to successfully complete the class. Letter grades are based upon a traditional ten-point scale. Grades for this class will be based on the point system.


Plagiarism is serious academic misconduct. Willful or accidental plagiarism will result in automatic failure of this class (with a grade of an “F”) and will be pursued to incite the utmost penalty for such dishonesty.


All writing in this course should be supported with both primary (readings I assign you) and secondary (sources you find yourself) texts. All suppositions must be supported with evidence, whether they appear on a forum post, a blog post, a Wikipedia article, or class discussion. In other words: research is an integral component of everything you do in this course. Any ideas that are not supported might as well not be written.

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