ENGL 1101/Rewrites

From Gerald R. Lucas

Rewrites are integral to the writing process, and I encourage everyone to do them—especially before submitting any formal writing assignment for evaluation. However, I want to give the opportunity for you to (re)write after evaluation, too. That said, rewrites are optional, but if you scored lower than a 70, you really should rewrite to improve your grade. You may not rewrite if you did not submit an essay to begin with. If you want to rewrite, please follow these directions:

  1. You may submit a rewrite at any time before the next essay is due.
  2. You must take the essay to the writing center for assistance on rewriting. List the top three areas that need improvement based on my feedback, and tell the tutor you want to work on those areas. If you have time after your appointment, revise and rewrite and make another appointment.
  3. You must actually rewrite the essay. It should be significantly different than the original, showing more than just minor grammatical and mechanical fixes.
  4. You should use two strong secondary sources for support, even if (especially if) your original essay did not.[1]
  5. Follow the directions for submitting your rewrite (D2L, Deep Dives, etc.), marking it clearly as your rewrite.

That’s it. Your final grade for the report will be an average of your original grade and your rewrite grade, so be sure to make your rewrite as strong as you can. Failure to follow any of the instructions above will render your rewrite invalid.


  1. If the original essay did not require the use of secondary sources, you do not need to use them in your rewrite. However, any use of strong secondary sources will likely only improve your essay and therefore your grade.