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This template uses the templates {{Monday}}, {{Tuesday}}, {{Wednesday}}, {{Thursday}}, {{Friday}}, {{Saturday}} and {{Sunday}} to output the names of the days of the week (hence "DOW") in a specified manner, mostly for use within other tabular templates as a column or row header, for example {{Calendar}}.

Optional parameters {{DOWs}}

optional class name(s) for the whole table row
optional CSS for the whole table row
if supplied is used as the contents of the first teble cell left of the DOWs left= colspan=2| Text can be used
passed as first argument to DOW templates
passed through to the DOW templates

Optional parameters DOW templates

The type of the DOW designation (symbol, abbr, name, code, number) or the length of its abbreviation (1–3 letters, full) is specified by the first parameter.
If a header table cell is desired, a literal exclamation mark ! must be supplied as a second parameter
3 = width
The cell and hence column width (HTML syntax, not CSS)
4 = title
The hover tip for the cell defaults to the full name in English, but can be set explicitly.