February 16, 1990

From Gerald R. Lucas
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Letter from Dad

Saturday Nite, February 16th, 1990

Dear Jerry,

Just finished a low-fat, low-cholesterol dinner of Grandy’s fried chicken (three piece, all white), french fries with gravy, corn, green beans, two rolls, honey and ice tea—with Nutrasweet, of course. I know that sounds bad, but I deserved it—didn’t have any lunch, worked hard all day and ran three miles before dinner. My weight is down to 172 (from a svelte, JamesBondish 190!). I have been really watching it and running about 5 times a week.

Sharon's Mother and Aunt Grace have been staying with us this week and will be here for a few more days. They are nice ladies and always ask about you. You should visit them sometime in Aurora, Indiana, when they return in the Spring.

My newest career is doing great and I thought I should tell you about it, so we can give some thought to a possible joint-venture in days to come. Enclosed is a sample letter with enlosures that I have been using in marketing the equipment from Stoelting. I have been calling on small independent businesses - deli's, gas stations, restaurants, etc.... any business that has good traffic. Stoelting has been in business for over fifty years, but have devoted most of their production to the Dairy Queen people. This approach is working well, but my main purpose is to make some money and open some yogurt outlets of my own as soon as possible. Please send me anything positive you read (you do read, don’t you, Son?) about yogurt. The enclosed check is an advanced token of my appreciation for all that I am sure you will do...

Remember what Carl said... “There is one thing certain, namely that we can have nothing certain; therefore it is not certain that we can have nothing certain.” He also said, “Slj;;onnpmopqsrocmmmoc,pmcp,ceprrcdrpdpm/... ain’t that raight?”

Call your Dad.