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Participation is a requirement for this course, and the Packback Questions platform will be used for online discussion about class topics. Packback Questions is an online community where you can be curious and ask open-ended questions to build on top of what we are covering in class and relate topics to real-world applications.


Packback Requirements

Your participation on Packback will count up to 40% of your overall course grade.

There will be a weekly deadline for submissions (see your schedule for date and time). In order to receive full credit, you should submit the following per each deadline period:

  • 1 open-ended Question every week with a minimum Curiosity Score of 70, worth 33.33% of each assignment grade
  • 2 Responses every week with a minimum Curiosity Score of 70, worth 66.67% of each assignment grade

How to Register on Packback

An email invitation will be sent to you from help@packback.co prompting you to finish registration. If you don’t receive an email (be sure to check your spam), you may register by following the instructions:

  1. Create an account by navigating to Packback and clicking “Sign up for an Account” (Note: If you already have an account on Packback you can log in with your credentials.)
  2. Then enter our class community’s lookup key into the “Looking to join a community you don't see here?” section in Packback at the bottom of the homepage. Community Lookup Key:
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen to finish your registration.

Packback requires a paid subscription.

How to Get Help from the Packback Team

If you have any questions or concerns about Packback throughout the semester, please read their FAQ. If you need more help, contact their customer support team directly at help@packback.co.

For a brief introduction to Packback Questions and why we are using it in class, watch this introductory video.

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