Wiki Requirement

From Gerald R. Lucas

Wikipedia contributions will be well-researched, supported, and written — adding an overall significant contribution to the wiki.

Wikipedia Michelangelo.JPG

The aim is to write an original article or make major contributions to an existing article or articles.[1] Contributions could be made in several areas:

  1. the student's area of expertise;
  2. assistance on Project Mailer;
  3. an entry dealing with a local (Macon, GA) person, place, or thing;
  4. another student-proposed project.

Please see your specific syllabus for your class’ project.

Wikipedia work will be detailed and supported by Students will complete training, discussions, and other activities via their webs site each week as an integral component of this assignment. First, you must enroll using your Wikipedia login. Just follow the directions on your syllabus.

While assignments dealing with the wiki will be on WikiEdu, I will attempt to link everything from this site on your syllabus. See the lesson breakdown for more details and specifics as you work your way through training.


  1. Consider the amount of research and writing that would go into a graduate-level research paper. I’m not interested in length or the word count, but I am interested in consistent and contentious work. Also, work on this project should be on-going throughout the semester — not a last-minute sprint to meet the deadline.