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This template uses the {{tree list}} template to build an ancestry tree using Ahnentafel numbering. Currently it will create a tree down to 511 Ahnentafel places. However it can be filled out to any arbitrary number. To do this add:

 |r_4=''paternal father''
 |r_7='''maternal grand mother''
 |r_511=''6th great-grandmother'' (generation 9)

For compatability with {{Ahnentafel}} r_1 ... r_511 can be substituted with unnamed parameters 1 ... 511




If you only wanted to display down to the level of parents then:

 |title=Parents of subject

will suffice and the rest of the tree will not be displayed:

Parents of subject

1. subject

    • 2. father
    • 3. mother

If a male of a couple is given without a female then the female will be added as a blank and vice versa. This is to keep the tree looking complete with the correct indentation.

If neither male or female are added the couple will not appear.

The template is not idiot proof if you do not add a couple but do add their ancestors you will probably break the look of the tree. So add blanks consisting of dashes if you know the ancestors of a person but not the person's name (this can sometimes happen for wives eg "a daughter of Lord such and such").

Note: There seems to be a bug in the underlying software and the link from subject to mother breaks the tree graphic if there are more than about 6 generations (something to do with the number of entries rather than the depth).

Additional parameters to alter the look and feel

|title=title — defaults to "Ancestry of PAGENAME"
|expanded=on  — defaults to off can be set to "on"

Sets background colour (translucent for no colour)=

|color_1=colour — defaults to background #ffc;
|color_2=colour — defaults to background silver 
|color_3=colour — defaults to background #ffc;
|color_4=colour — defaults to background #bfc;
|color_5=colour — defaults to background #9fe;
|color_6=colour — defaults to background #ffc;
|color_7=colour — defaults to background #bfc;
|color_8=colour — defaults to background #9fe;
|color_9=colour — defaults to background translucent

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