Writing for Digital Media, Summer 2019/Week 3: June 10

From Gerald R. Lucas
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58774 & 59513 NMAC 3108.01–.02 Online Summer, 2019

This week: Understanding the importance of establishing and maintaining credibility and supporting your work. Also, this week, you’ll begin to look for a topic for your project (see RQ1).


June 10, 2019 audio feedback and update.
  • Carroll, ch. 5, “Establishing and Communicating Credibility in Digital Spaces.”
  • Be an Expert” expands Carroll’s discussion about approaching your writing online.
  • Editing Wikipedia,” p. 6, gives assistance on finding your Wikipedia article.
  • Finding your article.


  • Choose a topic.
  • Discussion: What is a content gap? — Please try to be neat and orderly and logical in your additions to this discussion. Any links to Wikipedia pages should be done in your comment, not as a footnote or reference (only external sources should be in notes — and notes should be at the bottom of the page). Also, be sure to support what you write with evidence. Remember: format of any writing you do online is important and will count in evaluation, so errors or careless formatting will negatively affect your grade.


  • Look through the notes you took on your sandbox this week and revise them for your next journal entry. You should have your choices narrowed down to three potential articles (see RQ1) at the most.
    • Help a classmate choose his/her topic by commenting critically on their journal entry. What hasn’t she considered? What might be the best for his interests? Etc.
  • Your sixth journal entry on a topic of your choosing.
    • Comment on at least one other classmate’s post.