Writing for Digital Media, Summer 2019/Week 2: June 3

From Gerald R. Lucas
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58774 & 59513 NMAC 3108.01–.02 Online Summer, 2019

This week, Carroll discusses strategies for writing scannable text and visual style, including the use of headlines, subheads, lists, and links. Carroll and Göke get you thinking about the editing process and the appropriate voice for writing for the screen. A necessary part of voice is adopting a neutral point of view (NPOV) when writing on Wikipedia. Your training addresses evaluating Wikipedia articles and making your first edits. Remember to use your journal writing to practice both your writing skills and wiki coding skills. You should be learning new ones every week.




  • Your third journal post should evaluate a Wikipedia article. Go through the exercise on WikiEdu, but instead of leaving your evaluation on the article’s talk page, post it in your journal. Remember to link to the page you’re evaluating.
    • Comment on at least one other classmate’s evaluation.
  • Your fourth journal entry on a topic of your choosing.
    • Comment on at least one other classmate’s post.


  1. Even though Göke suggests Skitch, you might consider using the Hemingway App for drafting and revising.
  2. See your first journal assignment below.