Remix Questions for Consideration

From Gerald R. Lucas
  1. What is “amateur culture,” both before the digital age and since?
  2. What is “professional culture” and how did it develop?
  3. Lessig points out a conflict raging between technology and law. What are the implications of this war?
  4. Why is it important in a digital age to make artistic productions easily available?
  5. What is BitTorrent, and what is the largest site for torrents on the Internet?
  6. Once it’s released, who owns culture?
  7. What does Lessig mean by “remix” and why is it “an essential act of RW creativity”?
  8. Lessig argues that we must protect RO culture, but not at the expense of RW (90). What does he mean, and how does he propose to do it?
  9. What does the music community in general think of current copyright laws and “illegal” downloading? What about other artists?
  10. What defines “convergence culture” and/or “participatory culture”? How does it relate to Lessig’s concerns?