New Media, Fall 2019/Lesson 9

From Gerald R. Lucas
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Open Week
October 21–25

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For this lesson, research your own topic in new media — whatever interests you, for example: an issue we’ve looked at in a previous lesson that you’d like to know more about; something having to do with your Wikipedia project; or an aspect of new media that we’ve not considered. You might check New Media Suggested Reading and Viewing for ideas.

Wikipedia Work

Complete all reading and training under Week 11 on the WikiEdu dashboard.

Journal Posts 17 & 18

There are no assigned posts this week, but you may write on any aspect of the texts as extra credit to bring up a missing or inadequate early post grade. Write a maximum of two posts for extra credit.

What did you find? What does this topic add to your understanding of new media? What does it tell us about “being digital”? How does it fit into your experience? Bring in several different sources to support your ideas.

Reply to at least two of your colleagues’ journal posts for this lesson.

Due Date

Please have all of the above completed by Sunday, October 27, 2019. I will evaluate your this lesson the following day, email everyone a progress report, and post audio feedback at the top of the next lesson if necessary.


  1. External sources are always footnoted as references; Wikipedia entries are always just linked in the text. Never cite a Wikipedia article like you would an external source.