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From Gerald R. Lucas

This requirement we will create two new articles on Wikipedia for the Women in Red Project: Dorothy Cowser Yancy and Edith Jacqueline Ingram Grant. As collaborative writers and editors, we will apply the skills we learned in our first project to constructing well-written and well-sourced encyclopedia articles. These Wikipedia contributions will be well-researched, supported, and written—adding overall significant contributions to the wiki.


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The Women in Red Project attempts to decrease the systemic bias of the “content gender gap” on Wikipedia and addresses it in a positive way through shared values. The project focuses on creating content regarding women’s biographies, women’s works, and women’s issues. Women in Red aims to turn “red links”—an indication of a missing article—into blue ones. We will help with two articles this semester.

We will divide the class in half for this project: each will write and edit an article from scratch about a Woman in Red. We could just let each section of the course choose its own article, but it might be wiser to let you group together organically. We will begin with draft articles that everyone will write and edit for the second part of the semester. By the end of the term, we should have two collaboratively written and edited articles that are polished and ready to be transferred to the Wikipedia mainspace and support the Women in Red Project. When finished, our articles should look something like Ruth Blair or Edna Cain Daniel, either of whose entries we could use as a model.

I am willing to entertain suggestions for topics; i.e., we may choose whatever red link we’d like. The project lists many, but I’d like to keep it as local as we can by choosing two Georgia women to research and write about; let’s see if we can choose a woman of color and/or LGBTQ. You might begin thinking about this at the beginning of the semester. Find a figure of interest and research her both via the web and Galileo. If there is enough secondary material, then she is notable enough to have an article on Wikipedia. Post your suggestions in our discussion as soon as possible.

Our chosen Women in Red are: Dorothy Cowser Yancy and Edith Jacqueline Ingram Grant.

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