ENGL 1102/Spring 2022/Reddit

From Gerald R. Lucas

This course uses the social media site Reddit to support its writing component. Follow the instructions below to get your Reddit account setup at the beginning of the semester. We will use r/LitWiki subreddit (and maybe r/GRLucas) for all of our discussion posts, called Responses, so you should get familiar with this platform right away. Please note: some of this information also appears in the Reddit section of the For Students menu and on Reddit Discussions: A How-To for Literature Classes; you might want to have a look at those two pages as well.

Reddit 101
Check out Reddit 101 for an introduction and overview of how the site works.

First, make your account on Reddit. You may choose any username you wish, but avoid overly religious, political, or otherwise divisive names. Customize your profile. Please be aware that Reddit is a public site, so do not share any personal or sensitive information on Reddit. This could include your real name. Never discuss grades, personal issues, or anything else that should not be shared publicly. Upload a photo or customize your avatar.

Next, join r/LitWiki by clicking the “Join” button in the title bar. You might also click the bell icon to receive notifications cations when something new has been posted. This is strongly encouraged, as this subreddit will be our main mode of communication throughout the semester. Once you have joined the subreddit, follow the posts for your specific class; a list of these may be found on the Reddit under the For Students menu. Just click on your class and follow the collection. All posts germane to your class will appear in this collection throughout the semester. Other classes may be using this same subreddit, so be sure posts that you read apply to your class.

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