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📝 English Composition Writing FAQ 11011102📖

Ask Questions as You Write

As a college writer, you should ask yourself several questions throughout the writing process to help ensure that your writing is effective and meets the expectations of your audience. Here are some important questions to consider:

  • Who is my audience? - Think about who you are writing for, what they already know, and what they are expecting from your writing.
  • What is my purpose? - Determine why you are writing and what you hope to achieve through your writing.
  • What is my main point? - Identify the central argument or idea, called a thesis statement, that you want to convey in your writing.
  • What evidence do I need to support my argument? - Consider what evidence or examples you can use to support your main point.
  • How should I organize my ideas? - Think about the most effective way to organize your ideas and present them to your audience.
  • Have I clearly and effectively communicated my ideas? - Review your writing to ensure that your ideas are clearly and effectively communicated to your audience.
  • Have I cited my sources properly? - Make sure that you have cited any sources you have used in your writing correctly and consistently.

By asking yourself these questions and taking the time to consider your audience, purpose, and main point, you can produce more effective and engaging writing that meets the expectations of college-level work.

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