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Use Logical Arguments

A logical argument is a reasoning process in which ideas or statements are presented in a structured and systematic way to support a particular conclusion or claim. The goal of a logical argument is to persuade the reader or listener that the conclusion is true or reasonable based on the evidence and reasoning presented. A logical argument is typically composed of premises, which are statements that support the conclusion, and a conclusion, which is the main idea or claim that the argument is intended to prove. The strength of a logical argument depends on the quality of the premises and the validity of the reasoning used to connect them to the conclusion.

There are different types of logical arguments that can be used in essay writing, depending on the type of essay and the purpose of the argument. Here are some common types, linked to Wikipedia for more detail:

  • Deductive argument: This is a logical argument in which a general principle is applied to a specific case. It typically involves a syllogism, which is a three-part argument consisting of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion.
  • Inductive argument: This is a logical argument in which specific observations or evidence are used to draw a general conclusion. Inductive reasoning can be strong or weak, depending on the quality and quantity of the evidence.
  • Causal argument: This is a logical argument that asserts a cause-and-effect relationship between two or more variables. A causal argument can be used to explain or predict outcomes.
  • Analogical argument: This logical argument compares two things or situations that are similar in some respects, in order to draw a conclusion about a third thing or situation. Analogical arguments are often used to support an argument by analogy.
  • Ethical argument: This logical argument is based on moral or ethical principles. Ethical arguments can be used to support or oppose certain actions or policies, based on their ethical implications.

These are just a few examples of the types of logical arguments that can be used in essay writing. The key is to choose the most appropriate type of argument for the topic and purpose of the essay, and to use it effectively to support your thesis statement.

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