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Writing about writing, mostly in digital forms. See my current project: Writing.Digital.

Date Essay Notes/Summary
2014-01-12 Reader-Response Criticism.” A how-to, reader-centric approach to literary criticism.
2014-01-03 Open-Source Scholarship.” This essay considers an open-source model for scholarship: release early, release often.
2013-12-31 Writing Top Ten.” The top ten most important aspects of writing in college. This is the first post in a series targeting writers of digital media.
2013-12-18 A Call for a Digital Citation Style.” Styles written for a print culture have no place in a digital one. Let’s stop teaching for print media.
2013-12-11 Research & Response.” The goal of the liberal arts education is to make an informed and thoughtful citizenry. This begins with research and response.
2012-05-12 Writing Today.” Perhaps traditional academic writing no longer serves our students? Maybe new media offers better alternatives.