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Writing about literature that’s not sf or world lit.

Date Title Note
2019-11-05 Courage through Opposition: The Political Resonance of Norman Mailer The first draft of a chapter I wrote for Mailer in Context.
2018-10-03 The Existential Situation: The Making of Mailer’s Early Protagonists A look at some of Mailer’s protagonists in his short fiction.
2014-10-15 Breaking Bad: Walter White’s Hipster Transformation Looking at Walter White as a post-9/11 Mailerian hipster.
2014-02-28 Integral Social Media How I augmented my #MailerClass with social media.
2013-06-17 Teaching Norman Mailer The first post in a series that discusses the “legacy power” of Mailer.
2013-04-05 Into Darkness In The Executioner’s Song, Gary Gilmore is more than just a cold-hearted executioner.
2013-02-23 Norman’s ‘Mailer Mailer’s multiple personae attempt to get at some sort of truth.
2013-02-01 The Harbors of the Moon The moon is a major symbol that haunts Rojack throughout Norman Mailer’s 1965 novel An American Dream.
2013-01-25 The Minuet of Macho Norman Mailer’s 1959 short story “The Time of Her Time” shows his Hipster at work, but has fun with him at the same time.
2013-01-22 Mailer’s Adverts & Hipster Reading key excerpts from Advertisements for Myself.
2012-10-12 Mailer’s Novel(ist) In and Beyond the Late Age of Print.
2012-02-09 Cormac McCarthy's Apocalypse: Signs and Maps Along The Road Anytime we try to talk about the apocalypse, we slip into nostalgia to guide our way forward.
2011-06-13 The Novel and the Order Will a new genre eventually replace the novel?
2011-06-06 Mailer as Novelist Norman Mailer places the novelist in an ethical and existential position of great responsibility.
2009-10-24 Faust, Mailer, and the Comfort of Evil Norman Mailer famously stated that technology was the work of the devil. Sometimes it’s best to keep the devil close.
2008-11-17 Frames in Kafka’s Metamorphosis A note on literal and figurative frames in Kafka’s novella.
2004-07-14 On Kafka's Metamorphosis A few thoughts on Kafka's nightmare vision of contemporary life.
2004-04-12 Baldwin’s ‘Sonny’s Blues Suffering, the Blues, and our (in)ability to listen.
2004-03-30 Virginia Woolf and The Hours Do we live in or just tolerate the hours?
2004-02-10 What Place Evolution? An observation on Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.”
2004-01-13 You Can’t Go Home Again Some notes of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1931 short story “Babylon Revisited.”
1997-10-06 Healthy Blasphemy: Dissenting Discourses in Rushdie and Bulgakov” My Master’s Thesis, published in this revised form in 1997.
1995-07-02 The Fall of a Sparrow: A Note on A Hero of Our Time and Hamlet A comparative note on acting and heroism.
1995-04-14 Apropos Sonnets 33, 34, and 35 A reading of Shakespeare’s sonnet trio.
1994-04-09 Bulgakov and Pasternack Considering the role of the artist in these twentieth-century Russian classics.
1993-12-19 Revisionary Mythmaking On Adrienne Rich and “Diving in the Wreck.”