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Date Essay Notes/Summary
2018-12-27 Class Participation.” Each of us must take responsibility for our own intellectual betterment and fulfillment.
2018-02-15 Developing Integral Writing Skills for the Digital Age.” We academics seem to have a problem with Wikipedia. Guest blogger for WikiEdu.
2017-01-02 Be an Expert.” Adopt a professional approach to thinking and working to transition out of student thinking.
2016-06-22 Recommended Apps for Higher Education I'm often asked which applications I recommend for the college classroom, so I started a list.
2016-06-08 Hack.Edu Manifesto.” With mobile devices and social media, we can be guided by the spirit of the hacker to change education for the better.
2015-06-04 Distributed DH.” Hacking readymade components for Digital Humanities projects. The Synapse.
2015-03-28 The Liberal Arts Are Dead.” Should we educators just face the music and accept the fact higher ed is now just for job training? The Synapse.
2014-08-12 Obsolete Education.” In a new, digital world, why is education still firmly part of an old one?
2014-02-09 Claim Your Name.” Make smart choices when using social media professionally to avoid privacy and security concerns.
2014-01-06 Energize Teaching with Social Media.” A guide for higher education faculty for introducing social media into the classroom.
2013-09-30 How to Do Well in My Class.” Students should engage learning with enthusiasm, imagination, and focus.
2013-08-30 Social Media: Top Ten Best Practices.” My list of best practices for faculty in higher education teaching with social media.
2013-08-18 The Liberal Arts Education.” Does college teach us the difference between working to live and having a life?
2011-12-11 The Subversive Education.” Real education is subversive. It’s about nuance and irony — challenging the status quo. This is what I do.
2009-02-22 World.Lit.” (Re)Visioning Literary Education Online. From Teaching Literature and Language Online.
2002-03-07 Open Source and Higher Eduction.” (Or, Ethical Concerns about Microsoft in the Academy)
1997-12-20 Teaching Philosophy Education must keep up with technology, and educators should help students build their own canons.