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For your major class project, students find topics that aren’t covered well on Wikipedia. They research those topics with quality sources, and construct a well-referenced encyclopedia article. Wikipedia contributions will be well-researched, supported, and written—adding an overall significant contribution to the wiki.

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The aim is to write an original article or make major contributions to an existing article or articles on Wikipedia.[1] Contributions could be made in several areas:

  1. the student's area of expertise—having to do with your major, job, or hobby;
  2. an entry dealing with a local (Macon, GA—or your home town) person, place, or thing;
  3. another student-proposed article.

We will talk more about choosing an article, but keep the following in mind as you consider: avoid good or popular articles (Featured or Good articles); avoid controversial topics; look for red links, or articles that are needed but not written yet and start- or stub-class articles; pick only a notable topic—or one that has coverage in at least 3 reliable sources beyond trivial mentions.

Wikipedia work will be detailed and supported by Wikipedia Education. Students will complete training, discussions, and other activities via WikiEdu.org each week as an integral component of this assignment. First, you must enroll using your Wikipedia login. Just follow the directions on the first lesson.

While assignments dealing with the wiki will be on WikiEdu, I will attempt to link and detail everything from this site on each individual lesson.

Wikipedia Resources

MGA Resources

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  1. Consider the amount of research and writing that would go into a 10-page research paper. I’m not interested in length or the word count, but I am interested in consistent and conscientious work. Also, work on this project should be on-going throughout the semester—not a last-minute sprint to meet the deadline.
  2. Our librarian support this semester is Deborah Stanfield, who can assist with your research.
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