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Everything you need to get started this semester will be linked off of this page and under the tabs above. To get back here at any time, use the “For Students” menu in the bar at the top of the page. If you need to contact me or make a Zoom appointment, then select “Contact Me” in the “About” menu; you can also do this in the bar at the bottom of the page by clicking “Make an Appointment.” Do not use D2L email as I do not use that system.

See my video: “Web Site Walkthrough, Fall 2020.”

For course-specific information, see Current Courses for syllabi and the Forum for daily feedback and discussion. You may schedule an appointment with me at any time via Zoom. Please read your course syllabus carefully, as it will contain all of the information you need to complete the class. I recommend opening all links in new tabs (⌘ Cmd+click on a Mac; CRTL+click on Windows and Linux) to keep things organized. I have tried very hard to keep all information orderly and logical; if you get confused, please let me know specifically what confused you, so I can fix it quickly.

Have questions? Find guidance under Student Resources and answers in the frequently asked questions. You might also want to read The Golden Rules.

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