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  • ...also joined a learning community — Chancellor’s Scholars’ Faculty Learning Community — concerned with promoting graduate education. It seemed appropriate for
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  • your professional persona is to establish credibility with your expert community. ===Join Your Expert Community===
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  • {{Big|A.A., Manatee Community College, Bradenton, FL, December 14, 1990}}<br />
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  • This is the [[Notes About Audience|audience]], or community, that you want to engage. This is the conversation you want to participate * Foundation knowledge — knowledge that the community expects any expert in the field would know; perhaps this would include a FA
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  • # What does the music community in general think of current copyright laws and “illegal” downloading? W
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  • the whole WWW – as strong as we can make them to inspire others in our community to visit. We want to endow our places with a common “cultural and emotion reading, but a banner of affinity, a way of making a contribution to a community, of joining a conversation. Yes, some will not be interested in our spaces
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  • ...acia stands the hall of the King in which the people gather to dine in the community of others and listen to the tales of the poet: “Here is the flower of lif the individual sphere of forgetfulness. In any obsession, duty to one’s community is lost in favor of the prize. Odysseus will soon find what his lotos is.
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  • ...e reader to understand herself better through the text as part of a larger community. find important to how we live as individuals and as members of a larger community. Bring your experience to the text: energize the text with yourself, but al
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  • ..., or who in his self-sufficiency has no need for others, is no part of the community, like a beast or a god. Discuss the figure of Achilles in the light of this ...for his loss of Patroclus. Achilles never does reconcile himself with his community and his shade encountered by Odysseus in the Underworld seems to understand
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  • about writing on Wikipedia (writing), and comment on each others ideas (community). By keeping it on Wikipedia, they learn to use the key elements of the pla # Building '''Community''': Providing comments, feedback, and assistance you give to your classmate
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  • A page from ''The Pentangle'', the literary magazine published at Manatee Community College, Spring 1992.
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  • ...nments; your audience, if you’re considering yourself as part of an expert community, is ''not necessarily'' your classmates and professor. ...ikipedia talk pages, emphasizing the betterment of Wikipedia and assist in community building.
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  • — we can help clarify the process for ourselves and help strengthen the community we’re building.
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  • We had our learning community meeting today and discussed Dweck’s book. Some interesting perspectives.
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  • ...has been neglecting his responsibility not only to them, but to his larger community back on Ithaca, and to himself. Yes, the time with ''la belle dame sans mer ...dysseus must speak for a community that he represents. A microcosm of that community travels with him in the form of his shipmates. Yet, this crew, like childre
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  • ...rowing popularity of Web 2.0 applications and their integral foundation of community built on members’ affinity. And in 2005, the world had not yet heard of a ...rowing popularity of Web 2.0 applications and their integral foundation of community built on members’ affinity. And in 2005, the world had not yet heard of a
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  • ===Community Service=== * Community Organizer, Vineville Historic Neighborhood on Nextdoor 2012-2016
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  • ...dia. This semester, you will engage your fellow students and the Wikipedia community with group-based writing projects that focus on your area of expertise, the ...hing in digital environments and its impact on personal, professional, and community-based projects. It prepares graduate students to analyze and solve design p
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  • can illustrate and display social conflict in everyday life and get the community actively engaged in how to best address those problems.{{sfn|Enzensberger|2 ..., not to mention the blogging community, open source, and the whole hacker community. Perhaps the latter is an example of the digital revolutionary: she has bee
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  • ...true hero: one who sacrifices his own desires in favor of the good of the community. [[w:Turnus|Turnus]] represents the old ways of the Greeks that must be ove a very real threat to Aeneas and his quest. Dido represents a threat to community and duty by offering Aeneas a private life and love. Aeneas momentarily for
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