Short Lit Crit Response

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This assignment is an introduction to research and incorporating that research into a short written response.

  1. Choose a strong essay (called a secondary source) about one of the texts we are addressing in class. Use the World Literature Subject Guide, find a book of essays in the library (there are plenty), or choose one of the essays I uploaded to D2L (under their respective texts). While there are good general resources available on the web, I would advise you against using them, unless you have it approved by me. Before asking, be sure you evaluate the source.
  2. Read the essay you choose and take notes. What is the critic’s central argument about the text; how does she support that argument? What points does she make that are particularly insightful (or which seem unconvincing)? How does it help you in your understanding of the text?
  3. Summarize its main points or arguments of the article in no more than a paragraph.
  4. Respond to the essay and add your own analysis of the text. This is the important part: spend at least a page responding to the essay — do you agree or not? Why? Be sure you use evidence from class discussion and the primary text to support your reading.

Responses should be about two pages. Responses should be formatted correctly using MLA format. Please review “Writing in the Liberal Arts” and implement these conventions when writing about literature.