September 19, 2002

From Gerald R. Lucas
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TiBook for sale.

This Titanium PowerBook G4 is currently running MacOS X.2.1 (this media not included). This machine is a clean-running beauty and includes all you see in the picture, featuring the following:

  • 400 Mhz G4
  • 30 GB HD (upgraded from 10 GB)
  • 364 MB of physical RAM
  • New Power Adapter
  • 100/10 Ethernet

Great landscape display, VGA and S-video out — whole LCD and power manager replaced in June 2002

  • Firewire and USB
  • PC Card slot
  • iMovie2, System software (OS9), Hardware Diagnostic, and Software Restore

I have original packing materials, and buyer pays a shipping and handling fee of $20 plus insurance. I accept cashier’s check, MO, verified PayPal (preferred), or personal check (I will wait until it clears before sending the computer). This is a great machine that will work well for log time to come. Good luck on bidding. Please email me with questions.