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! Term !! CRN !! Class !! Day and Time !! Room
! Term !! CRN !! Class !! Day and Time !! Room
| [[/Fall 2020/]] ||81890 || NMAC 3108.01 || {{F-Online}} || {{CNone|-}}
| rowspan=2 | [[/Fall 2020/]] ||81890 || NMAC 3108.01 || rowspan=2 | {{F-Online}} || {{CNone|-}}
| 82501 || NMAC 3108.02 || {{CNone|-}}
| [[:Category:Summer 2020|Summer 2020]] || 50055 || NMAC 3108.01 || {{F-Online}} || {{CNone|-}}
| [[:Category:Summer 2020|Summer 2020]] || 50055 || NMAC 3108.01 || {{F-Online}} || {{CNone|-}}

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Writing for Digital Media

Writing for Digital Media teaches writing skills for a digital age. This project-oriented course will focus on collaborative editing. NMAC 3108, or WritDM, emphasizes appropriate composition for multimodal, user-centric screens, and the secondary literacies used to achieve effective communication on these platforms.


Digital media differs from that of print in several key ways, and because of these differences, to use digital media successfully, writers must develop specific skills for its mastery. A project-oriented course, NMAC 3108 introduces students to these skills, encourages them to practice an online professionalism, provides multiple opportunities to develop digital literacies, and teaches them to become fluent practitioners of new media. This class teaches the literacies of various digital platforms, encourages students to approach them critically, and aims to develop general fluencies for communicating effectively when writing for digital media.


Term CRN Class Day and Time Room
Fall 2020 81890 NMAC 3108.01 Online ⚠️ -
82501 NMAC 3108.02 -
Summer 2020 50055 NMAC 3108.01 Online ⚠️ -


In this course, you will use lessons, texts, and daily practice to improve your writing for the screen while developing your online, professional persona. Specifically, students will develop:

  • writing skills most appropriate for several platforms on digital media;
  • a professional persona that targets a specific expert community; and
  • a collaborative sense of composition.

You will read, write, and workshop (discuss each other’s work online for the purpose of improvement). Though this class teaches you how to target a digital audience and the basics of how to publish writing for the web, it is not a technology class; it is primarily a writing class, though we will address various digital media throughout. That said, our primary concern is writing, not the tech we do it with.

Student Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing the course, students will demonstrate:

  • the ability to analyze and evaluate issues in new media and communication;
  • proficiency writing for the web; and
  • proficiency collaborating on a writing project.