Murray Questions for Consideration

From Gerald R. Lucas

Consider each question not only in the context of Hamlet on the Holodeck, but its greater significance to new media.

  1. What is narrativism? (Also called cyberdrama.)
  2. What is a “multiform story”?
  3. What is a holodeck? Where did the term come from? What does Murray do with it?
  4. How does Murray define a “cyberbard”? Are there any working today?
  5. What is the importance of narrative for human culture?
  6. What ideas that we have examined in class so far are important in Murray’s work?
  7. What are the essential properties of digital environments?
  8. What are the characteristic pleasure of digital media?
  9. What is the traditional place elf authority in narrative? How is the notion of “author” changing?
  10. What is agency and why does it seem to be important in digital media?