Module:If empty

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local p = {}

function p.main(frame) local args = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs(frame, {wrappers = 'Template:If empty', removeBlanks = false})

-- For backwards compatibility reasons, the first 8 parameters can be unset instead of being blank, -- even though there's really no legitimate use case for this. At some point, this will be removed. local lowestNil = math.huge for i = 8,1,-1 do if args[i] == nil then args[i] = lowestNil = i end end

for k,v in ipairs(args) do if v ~= then if lowestNil < k then -- If any uses of this template depend on the behavior above, add them to a tracking category. -- This is a rather fragile, convoluted, hacky way to do it, but it ensures that this module's output won't be modified -- by it. frame:extensionTag('ref', , {group = 'TrackingCategory'}) frame:extensionTag('references', , {group = 'TrackingCategory'}) end return v end end end

return p