July 27, 2011

From Gerald R. Lucas
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I saw the "Out of this World" exhibit at the British Library today, after a couple of hours spent at Starbucks uploading photos and blogging. Posted an entry on my students' final portfolios and uploaded photos of last night's dinner to FB.

The exhibit dealt with science fiction, and it was very cool; I spent at least three hours there. I purchased the book, since it seemed to include most, if not all, of the exhibit. It's getting me psyched to teach my utopian class this fall, and it inspired me to begin reading Stapledon's Star Maker. Finally. Sapledon was featured several times in the exhibit.

Todd and Jennifer should be in Greece by now. I need to get Autumn and myself a hotel room in London for Saturday and I need to book us passage to Santorini. Autumn gets here Saturday. I'm pretty excited and nervous to be going to Greece. It should be an adventure.

I'm thinking about going to Bletchley Park tomorrow after meeting Dwayne for lunch. I hope I have time.