July 17, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas
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Sunday Ride to Trader Joe’s

Why can’t we have a Trader Joe’s in Macon? This is a question we have asked for years, but it seems we are no closer to having one than we were twenty years ago when I moved to middle Georgia. Alas, the closest one is still in Athens. So, Giles and I decided that we would try to make a Sunday shopping ride a regular thing. Today was the first.


We got an early start to beat as much of the heat as we could: Giles pulled in at 08:00, and were off. The first stop was in Madison for a few photos. We walked around a neighborhood near downtown and snapped a few photos. Then we moved downtown to walk around the square a bit; I snapped the above image of my sexy BMW R 1200 GS.

We made it to Trader Joe’s in no time after that, got our shopping taken care of, and were headed south again in no time. We decided to head back to Madison for lunch. Amici’s is right downtown, and they saved a table on the cover patio for us. We were back in Macon by mid-afteroon, though not in time to have beat the heat. Still, it was a great ride—always nice to stretch my motorcycle legs, though I noticed the GS needs some new shoes. I’m going to have to take care of that soon.