January 5, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas
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Sunday: The End and the Beginning

Henry in the Callaway Chapel.

Today marks the end of our break. The spring semester starts on Wednesday, but I’m going to try to get some work done starting tomorrow. I guess this marks the end of my work on this site for a while. It was fun while it lasted.

I have got to get that Shainberg review done for the Review. I’m nearly finished with the book (I’m not sure what’s taking so long) and some themes are starting to come together, especially, as Shainberg is now the last man standing (shaking?), his mortality.

Today, too, must mark the end of my holiday eating. Candy. Booze. Cookies. Fried stuff. Sandwiches. More booze. All usually after 8pm. Even as I type that, I feel my tight waistline. Not only is it impossible to avoid these holiday treats, it’s also impossible to fast during December. I had every intention to, but I’m obviously weak, and there are too many temptations. Yes, I maintained my workout schedule, but that does not seem to mitigate poor holiday eating/drinking. I ran out of bourbon last night and do not intend to buy any more this month. There's beer left, but I cannot drink as much of that these days, fortunately. 8pm tonight starts my first 36-hour fast of 2020. I’m ready.

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I also figured out that my workout schedule is going to have to change this spring. Instead of Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I’m going to have to go Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since I teach early on TR. That also means my fasting schedule will have to be altered—at least for January. In the fall, I tried to do 36-hour fasts three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I rarely made it all three days, but usually MW were good. I think I’ll try for Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the next few weeks. I intended to fast three times a week like this until I reached the body weight I wanted, around 160—ideally 155. Then I would go to 16/8 fasts a few times a week. I’ll see how this new plan works out.