January 28, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas
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I continued working on SVNM and managed to get through the chapter on The Deer Park which was a long one. I like the way it proceeding — this format might just be good for books.

I saw a great video of of Peter Gabriel performing “Solsbury Hill” last night. It was a remix of his performances through the years — a montage from six performances, from 1978 to 2013. Not only is the song great, but seeing Gabriel perform it over thirty years in one video just made me smile. He still has so much energy on stage. I really should try to see him sometime, if possible.

So, I’ve been listening to Gabriel today while working. He’s got quite an extended and eclectic oeuvre; I really need to spend more time with it. Check out “The Book of Love.”

Tonight, Henry locked me out of the bedroom, and it probably irritated me more than it should have. Maybe that Oedipal thing is in full swing?