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Access Forum

Welcome to the new student forum.

See your syllabus for specifics about using the forum for your class.

Fig. 1: When you first login.

When you initially sign up, please do not use your MGA email address.[1] There is also an option to use your Google account.[2] When you confirm and activate your account, I must approve it, which I will do as soon as possible. This is to keep our community private and safe. Once approved, you will receive an email notification.[3] You might follow and read the links it contains before logging in.

Fig. 2: Fill out your profile.

When you login, follow the prompts (see Fig. 1) for a 10-minute introduction by @discobot to how the forum software works. This tutorial is important and fun, so please take your time and pay attention.

Once you finish it, select your Preferences to upload a photo and fill out your profile (see Fig. 2). You might consider allowing your browser to give you notifications about posts that are relevant to you. You can manage these under Notifications.

Each class will have a specific category under which they will post their discussions, like World Literature or New Media. Please see your syllabus for further instructions about what, how,[4] and when to post.

More directions coming soon.


  1. I think they have their email security filter turned up way too high, so you will never receive the email confirmation, or it will be delayed. Sure, you can try, if you’d like, but I recommend using an alternative email account.
  2. If you need more login options, like Facebook or Twitter, let me know.
  3. If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder. Let me know if you have any difficulties here. Do not wait too long.
  4. You might see “Academic Forum Posts” for some guidance, though this is written with the D2L forum in mind. “Reply, Respond, Comment” also offers some advice for forum replies and comments.
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